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Great Summer Vacation Ideas

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The Mediterranean

If you’re looking for a great getaway this summer and love wine, Forbes Traveler has generated a list of the best wine vacations around the world.

A wine vacation is a fun way to explore a different part of the world while enjoying local vintages and chatting with affable vineyard owners.   This is a great little list – something to put on your “to do” list in the near future!

Wine Tasting at The Priory Hotel

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Our friends at The Priory Hotel will be hosting their second wine tasting for their Summer Wine Tastings in the Courtyard series on June 18 with Winebow Wines.  If you like fine wines and sipping them in a relaxed outdoor setting, this is a great event to attend.  Here is Proprietor John Graf speaking about the event.


The Carlton Picked Best Contemporary Restaurant in Pittsburgh

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We got the good news that we were picked as Best Contemporary Restaurant in Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh edition of “Where the Locals Eat” which features the top 100 restaurants in Pittsburgh and features 10 outstanding restaurants in 50 other cities. The significance of winning a category (Charlie Trotter’s was the Chicago winner in our category) is that our restaurant is featured in all other 50 editions! Thanks to all of our wonderful guests – without you, we could never get this honorable recognition!