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Pirate Season Pre-Game Meals

Pirate Season Pre-Game Meals

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Dine with us before you attend Pirate Baseball games this year!  You don’t  have to pay $20 to park – it’s free with dinner!

At the Pirate’s home opener I was pleased to travel there on the “free” T!  The subway was waiting as I entered Grant Street station from the BNY Mellon entrance and I was at the game in a flash!  After the last pitch, I exited my aisle behind home plate at 4:00 p.m. and was back at The Carlton by 4:12 p.m.!

On every level it is a win!  No more waiting in a parking lot after the game – you can quickly return to your car and leave town avoiding all the ballpark traffic!

Best of all, you can enjoy a great dinner before the game and forego the ballpark fare! Parking downtown and taking the free T to PNC, Heinz Field or Stage AE for a concert is the new, smart way to enjoy events on the North Shore!