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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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christmas presentsWell, it’s hard to believe but it’s the LAST weekend before Christmas.  For those of you that have everything done, maybe this is the weekend for you to sit back, relax and watch a few Christmas television specials.  However, if you’re one of the many that has yet to start shopping and plan on venturing into the “mall madness” this weekend, we wish you luck – lots of it! Here are just a few ideas for our last minute shoppers out there looking for something simple, inexpensive and don’t involve waiting in enormous lines:

Gift Certificates. Okay, I know sometimes it seems like gift certificates are an easy way out, but honestly, you’ll save so much time and stress by purchasing them and your loved ones will appreciate the extra so-called pocket money.  And, better yet, when you purchase them from Giant Eagle, you receive fuelperks!

Together Time. There are many great attractions around the Pittsburgh area, so grab some tickets to a show, sporting event or other special event and make it an evening.  Spending time together is a great gift for both you and them!  Something else to consider is purchasing a special hotel package that includes a massage, bottle of wine, dinner, etc. for the two of you to enjoy together.

Food. Whether it’s your famous dip or irresistible chocolate chip cookies, food is also a great option for a quick, last minute gift.  It shows them that you took time to make them something really special.  Try to personalize it as much as possible – add their favorite toppings, write their name in icing, etc.  It works every time!

Charitable Donations. Sometimes people really don’t need anything.  A great way to give back to the community and give them a meaningful gift is through charitable donations. Find something they are really passionate about and make a gift in their name.  If you and your group of friends can’t decide what to get each other, team up and make a donation to your favorite organization.