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The Carlton in TechNewsDaily

The Carlton in TechNewsDaily

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Recently I was interviewed by TechNewsDaily on our new iPad Wine Lists.  Click here to read the full article or see the Carlton’s mention below:

Embracing tech

4Food, a quick-service burger spot in New York City, is among the wave of restaurants touting technology as a part of the dining experience.

4Food encourages guests to check in via Foursquare, share orders with friends on Facebook and send out tweets, which then appear on a 240-square-foot LED monitor in the restaurant. iPad menus also allow customers to tap and order custom-made meals.

The iPad is not just getting play at casual restaurants. When popular fine-dining restaurant The Carlton in Pittsburgh — which serves a variety of seafood and steak entrees and has been long recognized by the magazine Wine Spectator for its extensive wine list — temporarily closed last summer for a renovation, it re-opened with a new look and a modern-tech flare.

“We had a 45-page wine list that changed three or four times a week, so we wanted to make the list more efficient for us to change and easier for customers to read,” said Kevin Joyce, owner of The Cartlon. “We put the wine list on eight iPads and started giving them to customers to help them with the bottle-selection process.”

The app allows users to distinguish wines from countries and type, and provides information and articles from magazines to give diners more details about certain bottles. The wine bottle label will be featured in the next version of the iPad program, Joyce said.

After the wine list was moved to the iPad at The Carlton, wine sales jumped 20 percent and have since continued to stay strong.

“As popular as the iPad is, not everyone has tried it, so people love playing with the device,” Joyce told TechNewsDaily. “We’ve had a few non-techy people request traditional wine lists, which we still keep nearby. However, for the most part, people love clicking their way to a wine bottle.”