The Carlton Restaurant

Our Wine Philosophy



Wine enhances a meal and improves our health!  I have passionately accumulated an
extensive inventory selected for your enjoyment. I am proud to offer these premium
selections at affordable prices that are astonishing for a restaurant in Pennsylvania!
Our minimal mark up philosophy sets us apart and affords the true wine enthusiast the
opportunity to “trade up” and enjoy the “better wines” at an exceptional value!  Peruse this list
or visit our extensive Wine Library of wine in the heart of our dining room and
return to the table with your selection in hand!

Our wine list has earned the coveted “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” from “Wine Spectator”
for 15 consecutive years and we are the only restaurant in Western Pennsylvania
to be singled out for “inexpensive prices!”

Wherever possible I have attempted to provide published quotes about the wine from
“Wine Spectator” or other serious wine publications.  If you are a true lover of the grape,
enjoy the list and then savor your selection with what I hope is extraordinary cuisine!


Kevin E. Joyce, Proprietor
The Carlton Restaurant


“You have the best wine list in the city at the best prices.
On behalf of all wine Lovers… THANK YOU!”

– ALEX SEBASTIAN, Proprietor,
Wooden Angel Restaurant