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The Carlton’s Kevin Joyce Named Restaurateur of the Year

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I was proud to be recognized by my peers in the Western Chapter of the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association earlier this week as the “Restaurateur of the Year.”  I am sure it was an acknowledgment of our 25 years in downtown Pittsburgh.  Those first 25 would not have been possible without your loyal support!  Thank you for your patronage!

We’ve been honored by the Western Chapter of the Pennsylvania Restaurant Association on a few occasions over the years.  Here’s a look back at these awards.

I received the Keystone Award for Service in 1995 and 2003.The 1995 Award was kind of unusual in that I had not been actively involved in the Association for years.  I was deeply involved in the Board in the mid eighties but after I began traveling with Levy and opening restaurants in North Carolina, I was not around enough to participate.  However in 1995, I was able to spend more time in Pittsburgh while I negotiated a deal that let me buy out Levy and the other partners that were involved in the restaurants in One Mellon Center.  At any rate when I received the Keystone Award, I promised to give more back to the Association which resulted in me serving again on the Board and eventually becoming Chapter President, State President in 2006 and Chairman of the Board in 2007.
I received the Restaurateur of the Year Award from the Western Chapter in 1997. That was a pretty good year for me as I also received that award from the International Geneva Association – an old association of retired hospitality folks that gave me the honor so that I would pay for 40 of my closest friends to go to Churchill CC!  We made it a pretty good employee party and I met Jack Wagner – who was the featured speaker.  I have a picture of me in a tux with mostly black hair behind where Janet stands receiving that award.

I received the Restaurateur of the Year Award in 1998 for the entire state. It was said that I was nominated by my Chapter to receive it but in reality I think it was because Stephen Saenz – my longtime Chef and partner – had unexpectedly passed away a few months before.  I have never since seen the state award being related to a previous chapter award.