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First-date? We’re great!

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Hey guys, the last thing you want to do on a first date is worry about the food, service, and overall flow of the night. Let us help you out with all three of those! Come to The Carlton Restaurant where you can enjoy first class service and a delicious, affordable menu. Also, we suggest you consider these 4 key dinner date tips:

  1. Give general info about your job and life. Don’t bombard them with gossip of your office or serious matters such as divorce or death.
  2. Make sure to keep the conversation flowing. Don’t go on for hours with every story you can think of and never interrupt your date.
  3. Movies, television, and music are great topics to discuss. Religion and politics may be a bit personal for a first date.
  4. As expected, be sure to look your best, be confident, and be generous. Opening doors and paying for the meal is also a winning recipe for a second date.

Join us for your first date and you can be sure to make it a memorable one!