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Wine Guru Talks 2013 Trends

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In an interview with, Ray Isle – executive editor of Food & Wine Magazine – discusses what’s trending this year in grapes and regions in addition to where you can get the most bang for your buck.

Right now, Isle said that Riesling seems to be the wine of the moment. “It’s going gangbusters.” He’s also keeping a look out for what the next Riesling may be. His call is Muscadet. Also hot right now is Beaujolais – especially Cru Beaujolais.

Isle talked about another trend in California called the small producer movement where younger producers are “making unusual grape varieties.”  These varieties “aren’t like the cult Cabernets of the past that sold out,” Isle said. These wines can be shipped, but are much easier to get if you live in California.

Isle’s advice for “bang for your buck” is a wine mostly thought of as extremely high end- Bordeaux. He explains that the affordable Bordeaux varieties never used to be good, but now you can get “some spectacular wines” for $25 per bottle.

Ray_IsleRead the full article here to see what else Ray Isle had to say!