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Women & Wine

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March is National Women’s History Month – and though you should celebrate women every day – this month especially I’m celebrating the women who have really had an impact on our society…and the world of wine of course! More and more women are in the wine business and are becoming leaders in the industry in every different facet – winemakers, educators, owners – you name it! So in honor of National Women’s History Month, here are just a few of the fantastic women who have made an impact on the world of wine (information from Cal Wineries):

Dr. Ann Noble has been one of the wine industry’s most important researchers and educators over the past few decades. During her tenure as a professor at UC Davis, she mentored the likes of Heidi Peterson Barrett, Carol Shelton, and Mia Klein. Dr. Noble is noted for her extensive work in sensory evaluation, culminating in the development of the UC Davis Wine Aroma Wheel.

Heidi Peterson Barrett was instrumental in developing the rich, fruit-forward, yet balanced style of winemaking that most of the world associates with California. She has consulted and made wine for some of California’s most well-known labels including Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle, Vineyard 29, Grace Family, Paradigm Winery, Showket Vineyards, and Amuse Bouche.

Carol Shelton has developed into one of California’s best known Zinfandel producers, but this is just the latest accomplishment in her career. Shelton has commercially vinified over 40 grapes in her lifetime, and also a consulting company named Vincare. A graduate of UC Davis, Shelton helped Dr. Ann Noble research the Wine Aroma Wheel during the late 1970s.

Helen Turley consults for several of California’s cult wineries and also owns Marcassin; a Sonoma Coast label specializing in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Until 1995, she was the winemaker for Turley Wine Cellars which is owned by her brother, Larry. Few California winemakers command the respect or can sell wine like Helen Turley.

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