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Time for Wine

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May 1st-2nd is the Strawberry Festival. In honor of this occasion here is some information on strawberry wine.

Many people imagine strawberry wine to be thick and sweet. There are many strawberry wines that have been made sweet, but its real strength lies in its ability to taste remarkably good even when it is completely dry. This is an oddity for most fruit wines since they usually need to be sweetened back at least a little to help retain their fruity character and in some cases to round off an undesirable rough edge.

Strawberry wine does not have these types of problems. It has many different flavors that come out clean and pleasant. No masking with sugars or conditioners is necessary, and its fruitiness is always present even when puckering dry. The beauty of strawberry wine is that it’s nearly impossible to find one you don’t enjoy. For more information visit E.C. Kraus.