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This Week’s Wine Wisdom

This Week’s Wine Wisdom

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Red wine & Red Grapes

Here are some wine facts and statistics that might interest  you.

Age of vine before producing useful grapes—3 years   Age of vine before full production—5 years

Productive lifetime of a vine—30-35 years

Grape clusters in bottle—4-5

Grapes in a bottle—500-600

Clusters on a vine—40

Grapes in a cluster—75-100

Grape clusters in one glass of wine—1

Vines per acre—500-1300

Pounds of grapes produced by one vine—8-12

Tons per acre—4 (average—can vary greatly)

Gallons of wine per ton of grapes—120

Gallons of wine per acre—less than 500

Barrels per acre—13.5

Bottles per vine—4-6

Bottles per ton—500—700

Bottles per acre—4,000

Cases per barrel—24.6

Glasses per acre—16,000

Glasses in a bottle—5-6

Bottles per 60 gallon barrel—300

Calories in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine—100-125

Fat in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine—0

Carbohydrates in a 5 ounce glass of dry wine—1-2

Information provided by The Vines Blog